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Rem Twai (Mary)

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Rem Twai (Mary)

Name: Rem Twai (Mary)

Birthday: 3/11/1983

Biography: In Myanmar, a significant number of marriages are “arranged”. However, in a lot of cases, the bride and groom actually meet each other, share their feelings for each other, and then discuss their feelings with their families. The families talk with each other to decide if the marriage would be an acceptable union for the woman, man, and the families involved. Mary had met her husband, Samuel, outside of the Love Children Home orphanage even though Samuel works at the orphanage and is actually Rebecca’s brother! After the family agreed to the marriage, Samuel and Mary were married. She moved to Love Children Home and began working in the Loom House. When she was asked what her favorite part of working in the Loom House is, she smiled and explained that she loves being able to help support her family! Samuel graduated from Disciple Bible College and is now a teacher there. Together, Mary and Samuel have three children: Pretty, James, and Anna. 

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