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Esther Hlawn

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Esther Hlawn

Name: Esther Hlawn

Birthday: 12/2/1982

Biography: When Esther was in the 5th grade, her parents made the difficult decision to take her to Love Children Home orphanage to be raised by Peter and Rebecca. Even though they loved Esther very much, they were poor and knew that they would never be able to afford the books, a uniform, or the transportation needed for her to get an education. Soon, Esther was laughing with her new friends, attending school, and feeling secure in pursuing goals for her future. Abraham, a little boy who also lived at the orphanage, developed a childhood crush on Esther. As they grew up, Abraham knew that God was telling him that Esther was going to be part of his future. As they matured into adults, Abraham’s premonitions came true and Esther became his wife. Together they have three children; Daniel, Ruth, and Joe. Abraham works closely with Peter at Love Children Home, and Esther works in the Loom House.

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